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 Who We Are

eSupplementStore.Com is an online sports nutrition supplements company based and operating out of Gurgaon, India. Our goal is to make eSupplementStore.Com the best source of Bodybuilding/Fitness information and interactivity on the Internet while at the same time providing the largest bodybuilding cyberstore for quick and easy shopping for athletes, trainers, Sportspersons & fitness-freaks! eSupplementsStore represents some of the best sports nutritional brands in the world including but not limited to OPTIMUM NUTRITION, MUSCLETECH, LABRADA, UNIVERSAL NUTRITION, ULTIMATE NUTRITION, BSN, SCITEC, VPX, GASPARI NUTRITION, BIOTECH, DYMATIZE, USP Labs. Not only are we into sports nutrition supplements, but at eSupplementsStore.com you can also buy the best sports fitness gear and fitness accessories of HARBINGER FITNESS (One of the Leading fitness accessory brands of the world).

We started the online store because, as bodybuilders and fitness freaks, we were tired of paying ridiculous prices for products that didn't do half of what the advertising said it would. We saw that these big corporations were getting rich by ripping us off! Also, here in India, we could not ascertain if the product(s) we were consuming was genuine (eventhough we were paying heafty prices for the same!) or not? Also, at times we were concerned after reading numerous articles about the fatal effects of Non-Genuine bodybuilding/Sports nutrition supplements and felt frustated at the fact that there was no check and balance system or an institution that relied on Genuineness in place to confirm for the genuine-ness of sports supplements.

We also believed that the key to bodybuilding and fitness success was correct information, self discipline and right supplementation to cater to the bodybuilder/athlete's requirements. You need information so you know what to do to get results from your efforts. You need elf discipline so you stick with your program over the long term. You also need supplementation to help you get the best possible results!

So we decided to do something about it. We started a company that would sell high-quality and genuine products to the public at amazing prices!

eSupplementsStore.com as an wired-media for the helping the Fitness community

In India, a general paranoid prevails when we talk about Health Supplements and clear differentiation and awareness is required. Supplements always complement Healthy Eating habits, daily work-outs and yes Self-Discipline. These should always be taken under guidance of experienced & certified trainers, nutritionists, physicians or dietician. We will be bringing such experienced personnel to the online community to address your query and acting as a source of contact for you and them at no extra cost!

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The main problem also is the authenticity of the product ! We guarantee World Class Products and 100% authenticity with manufacturer’s hologram on every product. We are showcasing only the best in the world.

Our aim is your fitness goals!